Netizen 24 MYS: Musa Aman lauds close ties with Federal gov't, Najib for progress in Sabah

By On September 16, 2017

Musa Aman lauds close ties with Federal gov't, Najib for progress in Sabah

By KRISTY INUS AND AVILA GERALDINE - September 16, 2017 @ 9:40pm

KOTA KINABALU: The state government is determined to continue pursuing the rights and interests of the people of Sabah, approaching this in their own ways and terms.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman said it has been proven that when issues of the state’s welfare were raised, discussions have proved fruitful and benefitted the people.

He cited the close ties between the Federal and state government as well as a prime minister as caring as Datuk Seri Najib Razak has enabled Sabahans to enjoy great developments.

“So the Sabah government will continue to work hand in hand with the Federal government to progress forward and face any challenges in building a strong future for the nation,” he said during the Malaysia Day 2017 celebration held at the district Sports Complex here.

Musa said the presence of Najib tonight proved that despite being busy as the nation’s number one leader with many duties, the people of Sabah and Malaysians in general are always close to his heart.

He congratulated Najib for the recent success of his meetings and discussions with United States President Donald Trump, noting that Najib’s visit to Washington has strengthened the good relations between both nations.

“Our Prime Minister just came back from a working visit to US at the invitation of Trump, where he had also stopped over in the United Kingdom for a two-way meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

“In US, he was given the privilege to be amongst a number of world leaders officially invited to the White House in Trump’s first year of administration â€" this proved Malaysia’s importance as a highly regarded strategic partner of US.

“We are proud of the meeting’s success, when US President agreed with Malaysiaâ €™s stand on issues against violence and oppression as well as several regional issues.

“Both visits have encouraged closer ties between these nations, bringing the message that Malaysia is a moderate Muslim country which is developing rapidly.

“Malaysia also showed commitment fighting against terrorism and oppression, unlike some negative foreign media reports and opposition slanders aimed to bring down the country’s image,” said Musa.

On the event, he said the attendance of thousands of people tonight delivered a clear message that Malaysians in Sabah are grateful and appreciated the meaning of independence, peace, stability and progress enjoyed under Malaysia.

He noted that the recent Sea Games 2017 was a good example of Malaysians coming together, and the 28 athletes representing Sabah also proven that the state has talents and potentials that could contribute to the country’s success in regional or international sporting events.

“In my past speeches during Malaysia Day, I have stressed that based on history and facts, no one could deny that Sabah have benefited in various fields through independence and Malaysia formation.

“In general all of us have gained from the formation of our country since 54 years ago. Now Malaysia is one of the world’s rapidly progressing nations in line with our aspiration to be the top 20 nations of the world in 2050, as envisioned by our Prime Minister.

“This is possible if we have strengths in political stability, good economic development, harmonious community as well as high political will in delivering the mandates for the people.

“However, planning will only be left on papers if we keep on being rhetorical and politicising things all the time. As a responsible government we must continue to work and serve the people,” he stressed.

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