Netizen 24 MYS: Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali 'fed up' with defending Malay rights

By On September 06, 2017

Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali 'fed up' with defending Malay rights

Perkasa president says the group is not appreciated as some Malays underestimate what it has done for the people.


KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali today said he was “fed up” with defending Malay rights.

“I am tired of defending their rights as some of them underestimate what Perkasa and I have done for the people.

“They do not seem to care,” he said after attending a case on Zakir Naik at the High Court here.

He said whenever problems cropped up regarding the Malays, the people would ask what Perkasa has done to defend them.

He also lamented that the Malays these days did not have the spirit to fight for their rights as individuals such as Rosli Dobi and Tok Janggut had once done.

“It seems that the yearly Merdeka Day celebration is just about chanting.

“Nothing more than that.”

Earlier, the High Court set Sept 21 as the new date for the lawsuit by Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy and 18 others against the government for allegedly harbouring Naik.

Perkasa was made a party to the suit after applying to be an intervenor in the case along with the home minister, the director-general of the Immigration Department, the National Registration Department, the inspector-general of police and the government.

The hearing was supposed to take place today but was postponed after Perkasa and the lawyers of the 19 individuals, Adnan Seman and S Karthigesan, were informed that the government wanted to strike out the suit.

Neither lawyer has received the relevant court documents as the government only filed the application to strike out the suit yesterday.

Ibrahim said although he was glad that the government wished to strike out the suit, the move should have been m ade sooner.

“If they had done it earlier, then we would not intervene.

“The reason we came was because we wanted to defend Zakir Naik, who is a recipient of the Tokoh Maal Hijrah,” he said, referring to an award bestowed by the government in 2013.

Meanwhile, Adnan said Perkasa had prepared its submission for the lawsuit and that they would add in the necessary reply after receiving the government’s application to strike out the suit.

Earlier this year, Waythamoorthy and 18 others sued the government for allegedly harbouring the controversial preacher.

They claimed that Naik, who is a citizen of India, was capable of threatening national security and harmony.

“He has encouraged terrorism in public,” they said in their lawsuit.

“This is a dangerous person as he is banned in a few countries on suspicion of working with terrorist groups.”

The group is also seeking a court order that Naik be considered a threat to Malaysia, together with an order to stop him from coming to the country or remaining here, if he is already in the country.

“We are also asking the police to arrest him,” they said.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, Waythamoorthy had written to Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to obtain information on Naik’s permanent resident status but the home minister did not reply.

Last year, Naik made headlines after the Hindustan Times reported that he allegedly held dual Indian-Malaysian citizenship. However, in April, Zahid clarified that Naik had been given permanent resident status more than five years ago.

Naik is currently wanted by Indian authorities for investigation into various allegations including money laundering, spreading communal hatred and glorifying terrorism.

India’s National Investigations Agency (NIA) had, in May, written to Interpol asking that a red notice be issued against Naik. This would mean that he would be officially declared an interna tional fugitive and police in any country would be authorised to arrest him.

Naik fled India in 2016, after a suspect in a terror attack in Bangladesh was reported to have been influenced by his speeches.

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