Netizen 24 MYS: Trumpland doesn't work the same way as Bolehland

By On September 06, 2017

Trumpland doesn't work the same way as Bolehland

Trumpland doesn’t work the same way as Bolehland

YOURSAY | ‘As Malott says, Trump cannot even stop the FBI from probing his own misdeeds.’

Welcome to Washington, Mr Prime Minister

Vijay47: If I were Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, I would print out this article by former US ambassador to Malaysia John R Malott, and make it a compulsory reading over that long-haul flight to the US next week even if I stopped over for a round of golf in Hawaii.

OK, let's take it from the top, from how Najib’s visit would be lovingly reported by Bernama: “Despite US President Donald Trump's concern over the North Kor ean crisis, he made it a point to spend some quality time with Najib.

“The two chatted like old friends twice over tea before Trump had to rush off. Trump’s wife, Melania was unable to join them.”

Ties with North Korea? A pack of lies made up by DAP, Mahathir, the Jews, and Malaysiakini. Oops! Did I say Jews? Make it Hindraf.

By the way, Trump, please hold off the transfer of American companies back to the US. Back in Malaysia, this, of course, would be reported as "Najib working to rescue Penang and Selangor".

Further, the US-Malaysia trade deficit is being addressed and personal efforts made through importing larger amounts of precious stones. Yes, Mrs MO1 is in the pink of health, thank you.

Anonymous 2443871479002035: I am sure there will be an entourage of 200-300 Malaysian senior editors, TV and radio crew accompanying Malaysian Official 1 (MO1).

Immediately after the Trump meeting, he will con duct a press conference for Malaysian media and hail the meeting as a great success.

The spin? "I am not a kleptocrat. If I was, they wouldn't have invited me here." This will be transmitted to all and sundry in Malaysia, particularly the rural folks and those in Felda.

Then there will be another press conference for the international media. Oops! MO1 has a flight to catch and will not be available.

"A press statement has been prepared for you. Thank you," says Tengku Sharifuddin Tengku Ahmad, Najib’s press secretary. And they all lived happily ever after.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Najib, are you going to hold a press conference in Washington?

Please do and be warned that you cannot bar journalists from the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal from attending, just like you are very fond of doing to Malaysiakini.

Dojusa: MO1 t hinks that the US ticks like Bolehland, where the chief executive is the most powerful person in the land: he can fire the attorney-general or chief judge and appoint anybody he likes to top posts, like in the police or military.

It doesn't work like that in Trumpland. Like what Malott says, President Trump cannot even prevent FBI investigations into his own misdeeds.

MO1, you are walking into a trap. Please cancel your trip and save Malaysian taxpayers’ money. Trump is already embroiled in his myriad of problems. You are not going to benefit politically from this ill-advised visit.

The Analyser: This is a clever strategic move on both sides. From the Malaysian point of view, the only real criticism that Pakatan Harapan has of the BN government is their 'alleged' sell-out to the Chinese.

This move will show that BN is still buddies with the US and is open to their involvement in Malaysians affairs. It’s actually very cl ever to not take sides in the looming China-US stand-off. As an aside, it’s a nice kick in the balls for Dr Mahathir Mohamad's anti-US stand in the past.

From Trump’s beleaguered point of view, having a real friendly relationship with a so-called moderate Muslim nation has invaluable benefits. Most of the other US relationships with Islamic countries are a matter of convenience

Anonymous_4031c: Najib should sue the US media. Their accusations are defamatory. The adverse publicity will negate whatever feel-good factor that Najib hopes to secure from his visit. We are being blatantly shamed and humiliated by them.

As the PM of Malaysia, Najib should also send a team consisting of the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the Royal Malaysian Police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to clarify Malaysia's stand on why Najib is innocent and to share evidence to prove his innocence.

Likewise, the US and other investigate authoritie s can show what they have to enable our Malaysian experts to evaluate the evidence and reply accordingly on where they have gone wrong in accusing Najib. Staying docile is no longer an option.

CQ MUAR: With this article coming from a former US ambassador to Malaysia, what could be more discrediting, disgraceful and demoralising?

Najib, we are shamed beyond words to have a leader such as yourself. As a son of the country's second PM, don't you feel you'd let your old man down? Not only to your father's good name but the entire lineage that hailed from Abdul Razak Hussein.

Lord Denning: So, what is the reason behind the US’ invitation to MO1 to visit Washington? It can't be a routine visit by a leader or head of state.

Does Trump want something - an air force base? A couple of frigates and aircraft carriers and some influence in Malaysian waters in exchange for a free get-out-of-jail card?

MO1 may know what that “something” is. If not, he would not be making the trip which has dire public relations consequences for him, just looking at the US newspaper op-eds.

This is a high-stakes poker game - a high-risk trip which may yet produce some gains for MO1 after all.

6th Generation Immigrant: What is a crime in Malaysia cannot be "uncrimed" by the US. What already is a crime in the US cannot be spun into orbit, despite incredible and illogical home-fuelled spins.

What's wrong is still wrong; it cannot just be whitewashed with a visit to the White House (even with an invitation).

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