Netizen 24 MYS: Rahman Dahlan: Portals 'blatantly lying' about World Bank findings

By On October 11, 2017

Rahman Dahlan: Portals 'blatantly lying' about World Bank findings

PETALING JAYA: Certain news portals are "blatantly lying" about the findings of a recent World Bank report on East Asia, claims Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan (pic).

The Minister in the Prime Minister's Department said these portals had allegedly attempted to "sabotage the Malaysian economy" by saying that the report appeared to conclude that the Malaysian economy is expected to worsen.

In a statement on Wednesday, Abdul Rahman also provided a list of quotations directly from the report where the World Bank was far more positive in its appraisal of the Malaysian economy's progress.

Quoting from the report, he said growth in private consumption spending and rising exports had contributed to Malaysia's accelerating growth and its best GDP growth by quarter since 2015.

Malaysia's recalibrated budget, he quoted, brought its fiscal consolidation programme back on track and its net foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows continued to rebound.

"The outlook remains positive as the Malaysian economy continues to experience broad-based growth across a range of diversified sectors," said Abdul Rahman.

He also pointed out the report's forecast as saying that Malaysia would maintain its current growth rate in 2019 and 2019, but at a "more moderate pace" due to expectations of lower capital expenditure growth.

Abdul Rahman said that those who lied about Malaysia's expected economic growth should be ashamed.

"Their fake news does not stand up to the scrutiny of what global institutions say about Malaysia.

"They know that this Government has an economic plan รข€" and the plan has delivered and is continuing to deliver for the benefit of all Malaysians," he added.

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