Netizen 24 MYS: Anina questions missing Mahathir signature in letter from PPBM sec-gen

By On September 16, 2017

Anina questions missing Mahathir signature in letter from PPBM sec-gen

Anina Saadudin says she saw Mahathir signing the document.


BANGI: Fresh from announcing her exit from the party she helped found, former PPBM member Anina Saadudin has challenged secretary-general Shahruddin Md Salleh to prove that a letter of credentials handed to her over her position in the party’s Supreme Council was authentic.

Anina questioned why the letter did not contain PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s signature, adding that she had seen him signing the actual document in front of her.

The letter was given to each of the Supreme Council members following their swearing-in last November.

Speaking to reporters at her residence in Bandar Baru Bangi today, Anina said the fact tha t the letter did not bear Mahathir’s signature brought into question its authenticity.

“It was signed by Mahathir in front of my own eyes. How can this letter not contain his signature? It must be fake,” she said.

“I want the PPBM secretary-general to prove that the letter is authentic.”

She said she did not know if letters to other Supreme Council members also did not bear Mahathir’s signature.

The former Langkawi Umno member urged them to show her their copies to confirm if their letters were the same as hers.

Anina today announced her resignation from PPBM, citing the crude manner in which she had been treated in the party.

Earlier this month, she had complained about not having received an invitation to the party’s first anniversary celebration on Sept 9.

Anina, who signed up as PPBM’s fifth member according to the party membership number, questioned if PPBM had abandoned her even though she was one of the seven founding members.

“If even I am forgotten, what more the numerous people who have put in a lot of effort into the party’s struggle over the past two years,” she had said.

Anina said she was removed from all WhatsApp chat groups meant for PPBM leaders, but did not receive any official notification on this, as well as on her sacking as Supreme Council member and head of the party’s women’s wing.

Anina was reportedly dropped from all party posts after an alleged sexting scandal. Screenshots of an intimate WhatsApp conversation, allegedly between her and an unnamed man, surfaced online. Anina has dismissed the allegations.

She was also said to have been sworn in as the head of PPBM’s women’s wing on Nov 2 last year, at the same event where the party announced its supreme council members.

However, the party announced a month later that Anina was not officially appointed to the position.

As rumours abounded that she had been fired, Shahruddin claimed on Dec 26 that the party had not yet set up the women’s wing and therefore the issue of Anina being removed from the post did not arise.

Anina Saadudin quits PPBM

Source: Google News

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