Netizen 24 MYS: Fisherman detained over Kpg Titingan fire

By On September 04, 2017

Fisherman detained over Kpg Titingan fire

Police outside the deceased’s house, located near the site of the fire.

TAWAU: The Tawau police had detained a 47-year-old fisherman who is believed to be involved in a fire incident at Block 7 and 8 Kg Titingan here at about 12:45 am today.

The suspect, who is a MyKad holder, was tested positive for drug abuse. He did not possess any past criminal records.

District police chief ACP Fadil Marsus said the suspect would be investigated under Section 436 of the Penal Code and the police are still investigating and identifying the motive of the suspect in this case.

The police are also investigating the alleged drug abuse.

Fadil said there was no injury or death incident reported from the fire. However, an 83-year-old Indonesian passed away during the fire incident due to heart problem and old age.

The deceased Sabon Ola collapsed and fainted when he was being moved out from his house during the fire. His house is located at 150 metres away from the fire site.

About 300 people were left homeless when 60 houses were burnt down in the fire.

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