Netizen 24 MYS: DAP delegates oppose appointment of Grant Thornton to conduct CEC re-election

By On October 09, 2017

DAP delegates oppose appointment of Grant Thornton to conduct CEC re-election

BUTTERWORTH: DAP delegates who are qualified to vote in the re-election of the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) have expressed objection to the appointment of Grant Thornton, an independent audit firm based in the United States, to oversee and conduct the party’s re-election.

Former Bagan Luar DAP branch chairman G Asoghan questioned the appointment of the foreign firm as it would definitely involve higher fees, besides the fact that there were so many other accredited audit firms in Malaysia.

“DAP is a political party in Malaysia, not in the US. So, why appoint a US-based audit firm? We have a lot of audit firms in Malaysia. We don’t want one from the US. Who selected this firm? If DAP selected it, we (DAP members and delegates) oppose the appointment,” he told a press confer ence here yesterday.

Last Saturday, the Registrar of Societies (RoS) agreed with the appointment of Grant Thornton by DAP to conduct the party’s CEC re-election set for Nov 12.

Asoghan said the delegates had proposed several independent audit firms, such as Deloitte, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Ernst & Young, for the party’s top leadership to consider.

“The delegates also have the right to choose the independent audit firm to conduct the party’s CEC re-election. They (DAP) must understand we want transparent election,” he said.

Meanwhile, Asoghan repeated the call for DAP to issue the list of names and identity card numbers of its 2,576 delegates, who are qualified to vote, to be published in local newspapers.

He said they were still waiting for the reply from the party leadership to make public the names of the delegates, as well as the independent firm appointed by the party.

“We want DAP to follow RoS’ order in the 2012 election. We want DAP to tell us the date, place, list of CEC candidates, list of qualified delegates according to the 865 branches and the list of 2,576 delegates in 2012.

“DAP has wasted a lot of time pointing finger to the RoS. Is DAP trying to fool the Malaysian people to cover up their mistakes?” he chided. â€" Bernama

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