Netizen 24 MYS: Social media users slam 'unrepentant' bogus dentist

By On October 09, 2017

Social media users slam 'unrepentant' bogus dentist

Many have expressed anger over Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli's video where she thanked the public for making her rich and famous.


PETALING JAYA: Social media users have slammed a bogus dentist over a video she posted on Instagram where she appeared to be unrepentant and thanked the public for “making her rich and famous”.

They criticised Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli, 20, with some saying she was arrogant and her actions had tarnished the image of the dental fraternity.

Farahanis, who was found guilty on Sept 29 by the Sessions Court in Melaka for running an unregistered private dental clinic, has 12,000 followers on her Instagram where she goes by the handle o f “Naraswaraa”.

In the one-minute video, she had expressed relief that things had worked out well for her.

“I am thanking everyone who supported me and those who tried to bring me down as well.

“Because without you guys, I wouldn’t be this successful.

“Thank you for making me famous and rich,” Farahanis said in her video.

Her video has since been shared on Facebook.

netizen-bogus-dentist-1“It is indeed a slap to the dental fraternity and those who govern the profession of dentistry when fake practitioners, using the sentiments of members of the public who do not know any better, are allowed to get away,” social media user Noraini Alwi commented on Facebook.

Another Facebook user, Leon Loke KW, slammed the NGO which helped her to raise funds to pay for her court fine.

Loke questioned why the NGO would help someone so arrogant to raise RM70,000.

It was reported that a bikers’ club had apparently raised RM70,000 with the help of the public and a few other NGOs.

The fundraising campaign was said to have involved the Malaysia Islamic Economic Activist Organisation (PPEIM).

“Something is very wrong with this country,” Loke said.

Facebook user JP Yeo said Farahanis was not even remorseful and instead thanked the public for making her rich.

netizen-bogus-dentist-2Mocking Farahanis’ claim that she had learned about dentistry from YouTube, Twitter account user Chapseoltteok said: “If Nur Farahanis parents fall sick, no need to seek medical treatment at the hospital, might as well just learn it from YouTube.”

Twitter user Avenseenafauzi poked fun at PPIM labelling Farahanis as “aset negara” (national asset).

†œâ€˜Aset Negara’ whilst you have hundreds of ethical & skillful dentist grads, jobless,” Avenseenafauzi wrote.

“Self-righteous arrogant fake dentist supported by PPIM and backed up by some Rani Kulup looking ass biker. What’s new? Malaysia boleh!” said another Twitter user.

Another user, Appleandlily_ wrote: “How could someone trust a fake dentist/scammer? Seriously, she just learned it from YouTube while the real dentist takes five years to get degree.”

Farahanis is a vocational college graduate, who is also a part-time waitress at a restaurant, a crew member of an outdoor catering agency and also a perfume seller. She had claimed that she learned her “dentistry skills” via YouTube.

Source: Google News

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