Netizen 24 MYS: Apologise to sultan, S'gor Bersatu Youth urges Zaid

By On December 06, 2017

Apologise to sultan, S'gor Bersatu Youth urges Zaid

Apologise to sultan, S'gor Bersatu Youth urges Zaid

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Selangor Bersatu Youth has called on former law minister Zaid Ibrahim to apologise to the state's ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

“Although Selangor Bersatu Youth appreciates Zaid's intention to defend (Bersatu chairperson) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it is, however, improper to write things which can confuse the people and question the motive behind the sultan's remarks,” said the wing in a statement this afternoon.

The wing also urged Zaid, who is a DAP member, to refrain from repeating the same mistake in the future.

“Malay leaders of all political parties must set a good example and be courteous when talking about the royal institution as per the Rukun Negara,” it added.

Speaking to Malaysiakini yesterday, Zaid, when asked if he would apologise to the ruler, said he was merely following the Islamic tradition of offering sincere advice to leaders.

"The Caliph Umar once encouraged citizens to provide advice. He said 'If I stray from the right path, you have to tell me'," he added.

Sultan Sharafuddin has since rebuked Zaid over his remarks which the ruler described as being rude.

The ruler also told the Kelantan-born politician to return to the east coast state if he disagreed with him.

Zaid courted flak over his response to the sultan's criticism of Mahathir, including his warning that the former premier's anger could raze the nation.

After tweeting a Malaysiakini report on the sultan's remarks, Zaid said: "Selangor Sultan should be careful with his words. No one is immune when the country burns.

"When some rulers play politics; they must know the consequences. Don't think there's no price for partisanship."

Yesterday, Sungai Besar Umno chief torched cardboard cutouts of Zaid, accusing the former minister of being insolent.

Selangor Umno has planned to hold a public rally over the weekend to express support for the ruler and called on the police to investigate Zaid under the Sedition Act.

'No need to prolong this issue, there are more important matters'

Meanwhile, Selangor Bersatu Youth defended Mahathir with regard to his “Bugis pirates” remark which led to the sultan reprimanding the former premier.

“We are certain Mahathir did not intend to hurt the feelings of any quarters nor deliberately act in a rude manner toward s the sultan.

“There have been several police reports filed regarding Mahathir's statement and an investigation is ongoing.

“We will respect whatever decision is made (based on the probe) and request the public not to be hasty in judging the true meaning of Mahathir's statement before the investigation is concluded,” it added.

Mahathir has claimed that his “Bugis pirate” remark was aimed at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and not the entire community.

Selangor Bersatu Youth also requested for the matter to be resolved in the best manner possible and urged that the process is expedited to prevent irresponsible quarters from using this as political fodder and dragging the ruler into partisan politics.

“We feel there is no need to prolong this issue as there are numerous other issues affecting the people which require greater attention such as widespread corruption, the increase in living cost, leaders abusing their powers and m any more,” it added.

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