Netizen 24 MYS: Witness claims actor dared cops to arrest him

By On January 11, 2018

Witness claims actor dared cops to arrest him

By Danial DzulkiflyThe Malay Mail Online

Witness claims actor dared cops to arrest himWitness claims actor dared cops to arrest him
Farid was accused of slapping one traffic policeman and kicking a civilian at the Kota Damansara police station today. ― Picture by Azneal Ishak

PETALING JAYA, Jan 11 ― The actor arrested for allegedly assaulting a policeman and one other purportedly challenged law enforcers to detain him following the incident, according to person who saw the exchange.

The person alleged that Datuk Farid Kamil, 37, goaded the police after the incident in which he is accused of slapping one traffic policeman and kicking a civilian at the Kota Damansara police station today.

“It was so sudden, the officer was attending to his complaint when he (Farid) waved his phone…” the witness said.

Malay Mail reported earlier that the actor had shown the policeman a message that read “300 artistes borrowing money from loan sharks due to lack of jobs”, but it unclear what prompted him to do so or what his intention was.

The witness said he and others present were surprised by the actor’s reaction, adding that a bystander was also allegedly kicked several times in the incident.

“It took several police officers and even bystanders in the station to restrain him,” the person said when claiming the actor’s behaviour was confrontational and aggressive.

“He even challenged the officers in the station to arrest him while we tried to detain him,’’ said the witness who asked not to be named.

Another civilian witness who also requested anonymity said the entire incident was unprovoked.

The person who professed to be a “big fan” of Farid’s work said he had initially been pleasantly surprised as he recognised the actor.

“I was waiting for my turn to deal with the police officers, when he just went off. When I realised he was acting aggressive to the officers and even to the bystanders, I step in to help contained him.

“It was so sudden and unexpected as the police officer just asked details of his complaint...’’ said the witness.

The person then said he was appalled by the incident.

Police have confirmed both the incident and arrest, adding that the actor will be investigated under Section 90 of the Police Act for misbehaving in a police station and for assault.

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