Netizen 24 MYS: Hadi urges courts to respect status of Islam in their verdicts

By On February 05, 2018

Hadi urges courts to respect status of Islam in their verdicts

The PAS president also calls on the government to rein in “fanatics” trying to exploit the situation following the Indira Gandhi case ahead of the general election.

abdul-hadi-awang-indira-1PETALING JAYA: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today urged the judiciary to take into account the status of Islam in Malaysia, in an apparent disagreement with the Federal Court’s recent decision to set aside the unilateral conversion of M Indira Gandhi’s three children by her convert ex-husband, Muhammad Riduan Abdullah.

Hadi also urged the government to rein in what he called fanatics who were trying to exploit the situation ahead of the general election.

“The government must be firm towards religious fanatics and those who are more interested in playing racial pol itics for the coming election to the point where they are willing to challenge the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) who is not even contesting in the election.

“They do not care about wisdom in humanity nor do they care about laws which respect all parties,” he said.

Quoting a verse from the Quran, Hadi pointed out that Islam guaranteed that Muslims were still responsible for taking care of their parents even if they were non-Muslim.

“From my understanding, no other holy texts from other religions recognise this concept apart from Islam. Therefore, non-Muslims should not worry about family ties being broken when a family member embraces Islam.”

In its landmark ruling last month, the Federal Court decreed that the civil courts have jurisdiction to hear cases when aggrieved parties question conversion to Islam.

This was one of the key pronouncements made as the apex court allowed kindergarten teacher Indira’s appeal over the conversi on of her three children by her ex-husband in 2009.

The five-man bench was chaired by Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin, and included justices Richard Malanjun, Zainun Ali, Abu Samah Nordin and Ramly Ali.

Following this ruling, the certificates of conversion issued by the Perak Registrar of Muallafs on Tevi Darshiny, Karan Dinesh and Prasana Diksa are now null and void.

Civil courts have the power, say judges as top court quashes conversion certs

Source: Google News

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