Netizen 24 MYS: Najib launches Felda 2.0 to create 'smart community'

By On February 04, 2018

Najib launches Felda 2.0 to create 'smart community'

It is an initiative to transform and give a new look to 317 Felda land schemes in country.


BENTONG: Felda created yet another history with the launching of Felda 2.0 at Felda Lurah Bilut here today.

It is an initiative to transform and give a new look to the 317 Felda land schemes in the country.

The new initiative, which was launched by Prime Minister Najib Razak, not only focused on creating a Felda community that was smart and sustainable, but also resilient in terms of the economy and environment.

Najib said the Felda 2.0 concept aimed to further develop and upgrade the existing land schemes so that they were even more competitive, in line with the smart community element and being sustainable.

“With Felda 1.0 a big success, Felda 2.0 will drive Felda to the next pinnacle of success.”

Felda Lurah Bilut was chosen as the pioneer for the programme as it was the first settlement opened in 1958 for the land development programme.

In November last year, it was recognised as the first land scheme which had become a smart town through the Bilut Digital Valley, which was a pioneer project under the Felda 2.0 initiative.

For this year, five Felda land schemes will be chosen for transformation through this initiative. Ten more land schemes will be chosen next year.

Felda allocated RM10 million for the transformation of each land scheme selected.

Najib also launched the Bilut Digital Valley project which would benefit more than 6,000 Felda Bilut Valley residents to enjoy a living standard that was similar to that of the other town centres with the development of infrastructure and human capital.

The project also enables the settlers to use high-speed internet facilities, up to 100Mbps, thus opening up economic opportunities, particularly in the aspect of digital entrepreneurship, modern agriculture and ecotourism, to the local residents.

Earlier, the prime minister spent time visiting the infrastructure projects that had been upgraded and developed in the land scheme, namely Kedai D’Mart, Titian Razak, Co-working Space and Mural Gergasi (Giant Mural).

Present at the event were Felda chairman Shahrir Abdul Samad and Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, who is also Bentong MP.

Najib said last year alone, Felda settlers enjoyed cash and non-cash incentives to the tune of RM691.09 million.

“For example, the Special Cash Incentive of RM5,000 was paid out to 88,732 settlers, which totals RM443.6 million.

“Apart from that, cash incentives for liquidating part of shares in FGV was also paid to 2,715 settlers or next of kin eligible, with the amount coming to RM4.94 million.

“We also paid RM73.75 million to 94,555 settlers as FGV dividend as well duit raya (Aidilfitri incentive).”

He said during the national-level Felda Settlers Day 2017 celebration, he had also announced reopening opportunities to settlers who were no longer with Felda so that they too could enjoy the benefits.

As a result, he said 10,338 settlers came back to the fold, taking the number of Felda settlers to 105,294.

RM88.8 mil dividend for Felda settlers

Source: Google News

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