Netizen 24 MYS: Sabah Bomba boss comes to the rescue of burning ambulance

By On February 03, 2018

Sabah Bomba boss comes to the rescue of burning ambulance

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Fire and Rescue Department director Nordin Pauzi was driving home from work late Saturday evening when he saw an ambulance on fire near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here.

He immediately pulled over and rushed to the burning vehicle, fearing that there might be someone trapped inside in the 7.35pm incident Saturday.

Fortunately, the ambulance driver had just dropped off a patient and was searching for a parking spot when the engine caugh t fire.

"I went to check and saw that the driver was already out of the ambulance," Nordin said, adding he found a fire extinguisher inside and tried putting out the flames.

"It was also fortunate that there was no patient inside at that time," he said.

Nordin also managed to rescue some items including an oxygen tank from the ambulance while waiting for backup.

Soon after, a team of firemen from the nearby Sembulan Fire Station arrived and brought the fire under control.

No one was injured in the incident.

Nordin also that said although he had not been involved in putting out fires for some time, he kept his fire-fighting skills sharp and practised often as required from a fireman.

"Besides, using a fire extinguisher is simple so it is no big deal, he said.

"No matter what, the blood of a fireman will always run though this body," he said.

Nordin added that he was glad to be on the sce ne to help and prevent a more serious incident from occurring.

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