Netizen 24 MYS: Yoursay: For Indira, a mother's unconditional love

By On February 05, 2018

Yoursay: For Indira, a mother's unconditional love

Yoursay: For Indira, a mother’s unconditional love

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YOURSAY | ‘These religious people are only concerned about losing their influence.’

Why do Muslims ignore Quran when it comes to religious compulsion?

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: The stand taken by Persatuan Ulama Malaysia (PUM), among others that civil courts have no power on matters of Islam, is amusing.

The recent Federal Court decision corrected a serious error in the translation of the word ‘parent’ as ‘ibu atau bapa’ (mother or father), which enabled unilateral conversions of non-Muslim minors to Islam that had a cruel effect on marriages solemnised under civil law ordinance.

The decision of the courts, while preventing unilateral conversions of non-Muslim minors in the future, also addressed the injustices to M Indira Gandhi, whose youngest child was abducted and her children unilaterally converted by her ex-husband.

As to PUM's concerns, I really wonder how much of this has to do with disrespecting Islam. Unless PUM contends that injustices such as that suffered by Indira is a given in Islam, their objections are without basis.

This is all the more reason section 88A of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act must be implemented. This is to protect non-Muslims from groups that make unreasonable demands for continued injustices on non-Muslims as what they believe is a requirement in Islam.

Fair Play: What Indira said was spoken from the heart about how a mother feels for her child. It is known as unconditional love. But these religi ous people are only concerned about losing their influence over their faithful.

To them, everything is conditional, judging by the way they see things.

Raja Chulan: Indeed, what Indira said appears to be more Islamic and in line with the Quran in spirit than many of these people, including those from PUM and Perkasa.

In any case, Indira is a Hindu and she very much uses her god-given brain. It is a tragedy to note that many have stopped using their god-given brain to think for themselves, and therefore to differentiate the good from the bad.

Malaccan: The reported stands by PUM and certain others on this matter show how devoid of justice and fairness they can be when dealing with others. They are quick to ignore and belittle the rights of others if they think they are defending their version of the faith.

They are most self-righteous when trampling on others, and nothing is more revealing of their unsuitability to lead or influence others than this myopic view.

It's not that they don't know they are being unfair or unreasonable, but they just don't care about universal principles and values as long as they get what they want, even if this causes others to view poorly their faith and their fellow believers.

This is the rant of privileged and spoiled children. They are dangerous for their exhortation, hidden or open, of the consequences if they do not get what they want. To add salt to the wound, they would speak of the majesty and kindness of their faith with the same sodden lips.

Thankfully, there are still brave souls who will call them out.

Headhunter: This is what happens when religion is intertwined with politics. The religious people think and act like politicians, and the politicians think they are personally anointed by God to lord over us.

Anonymous_5fb: Logic and rationale tell us a child should be in custody of his or her mother unless the mother disowns her own offspring.

We don't actually need to refer to, in this case, the Holy Quran or any religious scriptures for answers. To learn any religion is to gain wisdom, not to make us overly dependent on religious scriptures.

AGC sets up syariah and law harmonising division

Hplooi: The Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) has no business deciding on conformity or resolution between the civil courts and syariah courts.

The AGC is an executive arm, not a legislative arm (which decides on laws), or the judiciary (which interprets laws, including the resolution of civil-syariah court matters).

The constitution states that the civil courts have precedence over the syariah courts â€" there are no two ways about it.

Truthseeker: I agree with HP Looi. The trouble in Malaysia is those in government do not kn ow their own jobs. That's why sometimes they create a mess, and subsequently cause miscarriage of justice.

NoFaham: Malaysia is a secular country with Islam as its official religion. Civil laws supersede religious laws simply because civil courts can try all people, but syariah courts apply only to Muslims and are restricted to religious matters.

Vgeorgemy: The AGC has only reach within the federal territories as far as Islamic law is concerned. All Islamic law matters must be decided at the respective states, as it is listed as a state list in the constitution. So this division is illegal if it is for the purpose of the whole of the federation.

The AGC is not a neutral body to be tasked to handle such important matters. Such a body must include independent bodies and individuals if their report is to be considered as rakyat-friendly.

RR: Harmonising civil laws and syariah laws should be the business of a parliamentary select committee with all the stakeholders represented on the committee, and not the AGC's.

This is as its prosecutors have all these years misinterpreted the Federal Constitution that had resulted in the agony of converted children and their mothers. The previous judges were being 'Muslims first' in their inherent belief of Islam.

If not for the enlightened five Federal Court judges, particularly judge Zainun Ali, it would have been the same story again. The judgment delivered by the five esteemed judges touched the hearts of all Malaysians, including rational and just Muslims barring a few extremist ones.

I hope the AGC will not put the clock back by listening to some of the biased Muslim NGOs and politicians, especially from PAS. We must understand that the foundation of our country is the

Federal Constitution.

Mano: Enough laws, enough committees, enough advisors, enough is enough. Just follow the law. Then there is no need to waste time and money.

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