Netizen 24 MYS: 1MDB motion's defeat will deny M'sians justice, Kit Siang tells Swiss MPs

By On March 12, 2018

1MDB motion's defeat will deny M'sians justice, Kit Siang tells Swiss MPs

Following reports that the Swiss government absorbed CHF104 million (RM427 million) from 1MDB-linked funds seized from several banks, Pakatan Harapan leaders have written to lawmakers in that country to seek the restitution of the funds.

However, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma) has noted that only persons "directly damaged" by the actions of financial intermediaries in the country are able to do so via legal processes.

The Harapan letter is an attempt to persuade Swiss lawmakers to support the “Rückführung von eingezogenen Korruptionsgeldern an die bestohlenen Bevölkerungen” (Repatriation of confiscated bribes to affected peoples) motion, tabled by Geneva lawmaker Carlo Sommaruga.

The motion calls for at least a portion of the seized funds to be restituted to the country of origin.

< p>The Harapan letter, signed by DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang, was sent to 154 of 200 Swiss MPs.

The contents of the letter are reproduced here, in full:

I write on behalf of 72 Members of Parliament (MPs) out of a total of 222 MPs in the Malaysian Parliament, belonging to the Pakatan Harapan coalition, regarding the Swiss National Council motion numbered 17.3547 titled "Rückführung von eingezogenen Korruptionsgeldern an die bestohlenen Bevölkerungen”, scheduled for voting on 15th March 2018 by your Honourable good self.

The criminal wrongdoings linked with the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB, as mentioned in the above-mentioned motion, have been proven by the Swiss criminal justice system, which led to the enforcement procedures by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma) against various Swiss banks confiscating CHF104 million in illicit profits.

We are aware that the CHF104 million has been confis cated under Article 35 of the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Act 2007, which states that "The confiscated assets go to the Confederation unless they are paid to the parties suffering loss."

It is clear that the Malaysian taxpayers and society as a whole are the main parties that have suffered enormous losses, as a result of the embezzlement of 1MDB assets by criminals connected to the current Malaysian prime minister.

We are of the view that all 1MDB-related assets confiscated by Swiss authorities should be rightfully restituted in line with Swiss laws, and in line with the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

We believe that the justice-loving people of Switzerland would like to see money and assets stolen by kleptocratic and corrupt Malaysian government officials at the expense of Switzerland's reputation to be justly restituted to its biggest victims and rightful owners â€" the Malaysian people.

We must not allow the crimina l acts of a few individuals dent the good name of Switzerland, as the defeat of this motion will deny the Malaysian people of justice and fairness.

We appeal to your sense of natural justice and urge for your vote to support the above-referred motion, for the mutual benefit of both the Malaysian and the Swiss people.

The 72 Harapan Members of Parliament from the four political parties of DAP, PKR, Amanah and Bersatu are at the ready to answer any queries pertaining to our plea.

On behalf 72 Harapan MPs,

Lim Kit Siang

DAP parliamentary leader

Source: Google News

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