Netizen 24 MYS: DAP's Yeo leaves Selangor for Johor in GE14

By On March 14, 2018

DAP's Yeo leaves Selangor for Johor in GE14

Damansara Utama assemblywoman Yeo Bee Yin is ready to bring her dreams of change to Johor as she bids Selangor farewell.


Damansara Utama SS20 Residents Association committee members Julie Tan (second from left) and Carole Loke (third from left) with a copy of Yeo Bee Yin’s book ‘Re-imagining Malaysia’.

PETALING JAYA: Damansara Utama assemblywoman Yeo Bee Yin caught the audience at her book launch by surprise tonight when she announced her exit from the state seat.

Her speech, which initially started off as an introduction to her book, turned into a farewell speech when Yeo revealed her decision to contest in her home state of Johor.


Damansara Utama as semblywoman Yeo Bee Yin delivering her speech at her book launch.

A teary-eyed Yeo said she did not know how to convey it to her constituents as they have been a great support to her, even when she entered into politics as a new face five years ago.

“My boss (Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua) told me to say goodbye with a video because he knew that I would not be able to hold my tears.

“Five years ago, I saw your faces only as residents of Damansara Utama, but today, I no longer see you as voters but as friends instead.

“It was not an easy decision. I prepared scripts because I was worried that I would become too emotional.

“I wanted to stay in Klang Valley, but Johor is the key battleground this general election,” said Yeo, wiping away her tears.

Yeo said it was when she was checking on the last chapter of her book, “Re-imagining Malaysia”, that she decided on moving out of the Klang Valley for the 14th general election (GE14).

She admitted that she had given up halfway through writing her book, because she did not see how the book would influence anyone with the current state of the country.

“Everything we did seems to be failing and has not brought about changes, especially in the reforms that the country really needs.

“But as I look back at the difficulties I faced as a young lawmaker, I decided this book will not just be about my dreams for the country but a book that would be able to help future young elected representatives ease their journey as politicians,” she said.

Yeo also recounted how she had almost given up on politics when she witnessed a series of letdowns in the Malaysian political landscape.

“In 2014, there was the Selangor menteri besar crisis. I was shocked at how politicians could turn overnight.

“To me, all politicians are good people. I couldn’t believe how a good person could turn bad just like that,” she said.

“ Subsequently, there were the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections. Walking door-to-door, campaigning for Amanah under the hot sun, we lost in the end. Then it was Sarawak state elections, where we met another dead end.

“I thought that was it. There is no hope for Malaysia any more,” she said.

Although Yeo did not mention the menteri besar’s name, it is believed that she was alluding to the infamous “Kajang Move” by PKR to remove then Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim and replace him with former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar was slated to stand for election as assemblyman for Kajang, after the enforced resignation of party member Lee Chin Cheh.

However, the move collapsed when Anwar was disqualified as an election candidate having been convicted of sodomy in February 2015 and sentenced to five years’ jail.

Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, stood in his place and was nominated to replace Khalid, who refused to budge and was sacked from the party.

This caused a months-long constitutional crisis that was eventually resolved when the Sultan of Selangor appointed PKR deputy president Azmin Ali to be the new MB.

In the midst of all that, Yeo took a step back, and thought about how when she used to be a little girl, she dreamed impossible dreams but found ways to achieve them.

“That inspired me to pick myself up again. To reimagine Malaysia beyond the problems and troubles we have now. How we can change the country beyond what is happening in the country now.

“How I started entering politics, without imagining that I’d be in the front line of politics today. That renewed my spirit to fight on,” she said.

Yeo, a field engineer by profession, ran in the last general election in 2013, contesting the Damansara Utama state seat.

She defeated MCA’s Lim Choon Kin with a 30,689-vote majority.

She is also a member of DAP’s central executive committee.

< p>“Moving to Johor is moving out of my comfort zone. I believe many of you agree that to create and make changes, we need to move out of our comfort zones.

“Writing this book is also moving out of my comfort zone, because I never thought I could write a book. I have a very weak command of languages.

“But I hope even if I can’t make these changes in my current capacity, someone out there who picks up this book can carry on with my ideas and make them happen,” she said.

Some women from the SS20 Residents Association said they were very sad to hear of Yeo’s exit from the constituency.

“But we will continue to vote for DAP. We have been encouraged by the line-up of new YBs, and we hope to see more new faces.

“When we voted for her, we didn’t know her, but she has proven to us that new talents can make changes too,” said Carole Loke.

As for Julie Tan, she said Yeo was a very approachable assemblywoman.

“Compared with the previous assemblymen we had, we could not even reach out to them. We are happy and sad that Yeo is leaving, but we are thankful for her being our assemblywoman,” Tan said.

With Yeo’s announcement tonight, she confirmed rumours of her contesting in Johor, but did not reveal if it would be a state or parliamentary seat.

Meanwhile, Pua said Selangor will see several new faces in the coming GE14.

“New blood is always good for change. Only with new talents will the possibility to bring about change be higher. I am also looking to retire soon,” he said when met.

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