Netizen 24 MYS: Yoursay: For Zaid, the grass everywhere is parched

By On April 23, 2018

Yoursay: For Zaid, the grass everywhere is parched

YOURSAY | 'Zaid, I believe you have overstepped your boundary this time.'

Zaid: DAP leadership's arrogance will not get them deep Malay support

Shark Fins Belong on Sharks: Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim would have taken a totally different path if he had been nominated for a seat.

His inability to accept his lack of popularity and abide by party decisions, as was evident when he was in PKR, is revealing its ugly head once again.

Perhaps the man should hop over to Bersatu, since he continually heaps praises over its chief. Though if he does, based on precedence, he is likely to say that the grass over there, too, is parched.

Amateur: I am wondering why Zaid fails to understand that both Johor DAP chief Liew Chin Tong and Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming are being sent from their previously comfortable seats to contest against BN's ministers.

To promise them ministerial posts is fair for them and logistically right, as voters naturally like to be served by a minister rather than just a member of parliament.

Anonymous_dbc139d6: Sometimes pure advice from the heart is not easy to accept. However, Zaid should convey his message directly to the party leaders.

Look at the incumbent Kepong MP Tan Seng Giaw, who has now lost all the respect he had gained over the past 40 years.

00000000: Zaid often says the right things, and makes the right noises... yet he has trouble fitting in with any party because he needs to call the shots and not fall in line.

He started his own party and even then, he couldn't fit in either. Nevertheless, he has been a good, strong voice against the corrupt regime.

HaveAGreatDay: “Why then, is calling DAP a Chinese party offensive?” Zaid asked. Zaid, I believe you have overstepped your boundary this time. You forget you are no longer part of the Umnoputra outfit.

DAP may historically be largely Chinese in character, but its membership has always been open to all races.

We have outstanding Indian lawmakers like Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo and Malay ones like Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari.

So Zaid, while I am disappointed with the DAP not having offered a candidate of your calibre a seat to contest and I can understand your anger, lashing out indiscriminately like this would lose you many friends.

IQ900: Your attack on DAP surely arose from non-allocation of a seat for you to contest.

Actually, you are nobody in this political world, having jumped from Umno to PKR, to Parti Kita to DAP. What ship will you board next?

Anonymous 581051504698363: Don't be a sore loser just like Tan Seng Giaw. Just one year in DAP, and you expect to be nominated for a seat? What special privilege do you have?

NA: Zaid, perhaps you were not selected because it was felt you don’t have that winnability factor? Regardless, be a team player for the greater good. It’s not about you, it’s about the nation.

Watchmen: You either care for your nation, or for your ego. If it's the former, close ranks and move forward.

From Gelang Patah, Bentong to silence â€" Zaid rues DAP's attitude

Slowly Slowly Catch The Monkeys: Although I am a diehard DAP supporter, I found the leadership of the party lacking in humility and fairness.

I personally feel the distasteful treatment accorded to Zaid is abhorrent and delinquent. Grow up, DAP.

TC Chan: No, Zaid needs to grow up, not DAP. What makes him more qualified than the many party stalwarts who had worked the ground and served the party for years?

What makes him so special that he c an choose which seats he wants to contest? DAP had one bad experience with former senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, don't let this be the second one.

Anonymous_1431954960: If you want a seat to be given to you to contest in GE14, you should go and see the key man to ask and explain why you need it, and tell him you would like to start the ground works immediately.

But, you expect others to treat you like VVIP.

Legit: Zaid, many top leaders in DAP like Liew Chin Tong, Nga Kor Meng, Lim Kit Siang, Teo Nie Ching, and others are willing to leave their comfort zones to contest in very tough seats. I really like their attitude and courage to fight the tough battles.

On the other hand, you, a newcomer in the party, want a safe seat to contest. The reason given by you - that you have not been employed the last eight years - stinks to high heaven and shows your attitude.

There are many candidates in th e opposition who do not have money, but they work hard to raise their own funds and recruit volunteers to fight their campaigns.

It is not enough to talk tough, but show it in your actions. Accept whatever is given to you and fight your way to victory. That is what we expect of a leader.

On the Other Hand: I think we can all see who is being arrogant and feels that he is entitled to a seat, despite his rather dismal track record thus far.

Cmfoo: A brash, arrogant and a political frog, Zaid is a political liability to any party. His sanctimonious and self-serving attitude has led him to believe that he deserves a seat in whichever party he chooses to join.

If so, then he has another thing coming. Like many deserving candidates, first earn your place. And until you do, you deserve nothing.

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