Netizen 24 MYS: 'A helm to grasp, a course to steer, a port to seek'

By On May 29, 2018

'A helm to grasp, a course to steer, a port to seek'

LETTER | Generically, we medical doctors are politically naïve. Doctors such as Mahathir Mohamad and Wan Azizah are the outliers in our profession, in a good way actually.

So we stick to the stuff we do best, to cure sometimes, to relieve often and to comfort always. But when confronted with a malignant tumour or a brewing septicemia, without hesitation we are trained to execute radical surgical excision or institute powerful intravenous antibiotics.

And we sensed this scenario rearing its ugly head soon after May 9, 2018. Sticking our clinical noses into the post-GE14 ambience, we are perturbed by the political nuances displayed by some of our Pakatan Harapan leaders.

What is the wisdom or traction to be achieved by now suggesting post-GE that “the rising cost of living and the unpopular GST were the top reasons voters swung to Harapan”?

It only invites derision and out rage from a large segment of Harapan supporters who would swear that the historical Harapan triumph boils down to the aura and popularity of Mahathir.

Way back, when the opposition was still in the wilderness and finding its footing when the idea was first mooted that Mahathir must lead the alliance and be the PM-designate, it was vehemently opposed by most in the coalition especially from PKR because it meant overshadowing the iconic PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim.

It is not too far-fetched to suggest that best friends became estranged and alienated. Some, being loose cannons and not much of a team player, virtually left party matters and focused on big data processes which undoubtedly was another critical success factor for Harapan.

But a few Harapan team-centric guys pursued this Mahathir for PM idea cautiously but firmly. As shrewd and wise strategists they endeavoured to get the best outcome while minimising collateral damage inadvertently and eventually turned over the sceptics in Harapan.

This immediately transformed the opposition into a solid front that warmed to the cynical electorate who were dismayed at the earlier fractured ranks of the opposition forces. For the first time, a PM-designate was in place. For the first time, the component parties agreed to a single logo. The first 100 days promises were enumerated in simple lingo and info-graphics. And Harapan was first to launch their manifesto well ahead of a nervous BN. The rest, as they say, is history.

In the final analysis, multiple factors contributed to the sweet Harapan victory at GE14. To inflate the GST and cost of living factor or for that matter, the Mahathir factor as the overriding critical success factor is much too simplistic and worse still, derogatory of other factors or other persons or other hidden hands who similarly contributed to the peaceful transition of power.

Let us instead move forward with the monumental task of rebuilding our belove d nation which has been plundered by the despicable and kleptocratic political governance of the previous administration.

Harapan political leaders must embrace and manifest the decorum and adabto inspire confidence and continuing support from the rakyat. Failing which, the Harapan leadership should discipline them appropriately to ensure that the coalition spirit is always cherished and “lone rangers” are not given a free rein to destroy the fabric of the Harapan camaraderie.

Let us as the rakyat, cleanse our hearts and minds of aspersions of our new leaders and allow them the space and time to get the nation back on its feet

Let us be aware of the elements in our society who are not happy with the new government and are bent on destroying it

Let us be conscious of the widespread fake news online which are planned and planted to sow discord and hostilities of the rakyat towards our elected leaders and government

Let us pray that God A l-Mighty bless our PM with good health and longevity because he “resembles the commander of a ship at sea. He must have a helm to grasp, a course to steer and a port to seek" to paraphrase the American historian Henry Adams.

It is a given that those who aspire to be leaders of men must have qualities that enable them to discharge their duties not only effectively but also with utmost integrity and thus the “helm to grasp”.

The new “course to steer” as manifested in the Buku Harapan lends primacy to reforming and rebuilding our once esteemed institutions of the state.

Our Malaysian ship has a new captain to chart a new course, to steer to a “port to seek” where we all seek to live harmoniously and desire that the bounty of the land be shared equitably among its people.

This Malaysian ship must not be left floundering. We all owe it to our future generations. Failure is not an option.

The views expressed here are those of the autho r/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

Source: Google News

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