Netizen 24 MYS: PKAPUSM says no to political interference in its operations.

By On May 17, 2018

PKAPUSM says no to political interference in its operations.

By Audrey DermawanMay 17, 2018 @ 2:02pmAudrey Dermawan

GEORGE TOWN: Universiti Sains Malaysia, the only apex university in the country, today urged the new Federal government to ensure little or no political interference in its professional day-to-day operations.

USM’s Association of Academic and Administrative Staff (PKAPUSM) president Associate Professor Dr P. Sundramoorthy said there should also be no interference by government officials in matters related to academic work.

He said academicians were naturally accountable to the requirements of their disciplines and needs of their respective institutions and answerable to their field of knowledge.

“They certainly are not answerable to politicians.

“In public institution of higher education, the academics shoul d manage academia and not be instructed by politicians,” he said in a statement sent to the NSTP today.

Sundramoorthy said universities should be given the freedom to elect the top management, especially for the post of vice-chancellor, deputy vice-chancellors and registrar.

He stressed that the appointment of top management should come from the respective universities and not from the Education Ministry.

“These important positions should be determined by search committees established in each respective university, comprising members of two senate members, two academic association representatives, one student council representative, one industry representative and one reputable academician from other public universities.

“The search committee will submit two finalists as suggested to the university’s Board of Governors.

Similarly, the chairman of the university’s Board of Governors should be a retired prominent academician rather than a re tired senior government officers or political appointees.

“We strongly believe in freedom of speech and must be able to express our findings without being censored.

“As professionals, we are fully capable of regulating our own colleagues from expressing matters that may be detrimental to national security,” he added.

Sundramoorthy also believed that there was a pressing need to review the remuneration package that was currently being offered to academicians in public institutions of higher learning.

He said the current remuneration package was not attractive and there was strong dissatisfaction, especially among the young generation of academicians, that there was no motivation and incentive to be productive.

“We suggest that the review of remuneration of academic staff to be chaired by a judge,” he added, urging the government to review specific laws related to institution of higher learning.

“For example, the Official Secret Act (OSA) and Universities and University Colleges Act (AUKU) only hinder intellectual development and growth amongst academicians and students alike.

“Academic is always known as the nation’s investment of the future.

“Thus, having a group of academics nurturing future academics for sustainable intellectual growth and pursuit of knowledge and truth are of essence. It is here that the seeds of a new nation are cultivated and the rewards shall only be seen when the decision makers are heavily in support of the sowing mechanism,” he pointed out.

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